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‘Our Kids Cant Swim’

  • June 14th, 2005

Three out of four kids in New Zealand cannot swim to a safe standard. (Water Safety New Zealand’s Matt Claridge.)

This is an appalling statistic in a country that is surrounded by water.

We head for the lakes and rivers and beaches at every opportunity and we put our kids at risk every time we take them there.

We like to think that we excel at water sports. We sail and row to Olympic standards.

But these are just an elite few. The majority of our kids cant swim.

In the past we could happily assume that kids would learn to swim at school. That no longer happens.

Schools say that the cost of compliance is too much. Its easier to close the pool than to wade through the regulations and petty requirements.

Teachers are afraid that they will be liable if they teach swimming. So they don’t teach it any more.

The curriculum only requires that kids be taught Aquatic Skills and these could be taught in a puddle.
When kids get to the water they are unprepared. They cant swim and they drown.

Last year 130 people drowned in New Zealand, and that is the second highest drowning rate in the Western world.

The fear of liability is creating a generation who will be even more vulnerable when faced with the reality of nature in the sea, river or lake.

Its time to stand up for commonsense and teach our kids to swim again.

ACT will roll back the ridiculous compliance requirements that are closing pools.

ACT will protect from liability those who teach our children survival in the water.

If you think our kids should be taught how to swim, give your Party Vote to ACT.

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