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Grovelling to Mugabe

  • June 8th, 2005

“… continuing and deepening human rights abuses being perpetrated in Zimbabwe, … increasing use of torture ….. cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment ….” (Amnesty International.)

What has this got to do with us here in New Zealand?

A representative of President Robert Mugabe, who presides over these human rights abuses, has just been made a member of the UN Human Rights Committee.


This crowd includes some of the worlds worst human rights violators; China, Cuba, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and now Zimbabwe.

They decree that criminals in New Zealand must remain entitled to cash payouts, even though criminals in their own countries are denied the most basic of human rights.

Even more unbelievable is that we are kowtowing to them.

Justice (and Foreign Affairs) Minister Goff recently refused to allow changes to his Prisoners and Victims Compensation Bill, to ensure that prisoners get no more right to compensation than their victims. This was purely a grovel to the UN bodies that pontificate on human rights, and in particular the committee on which Mugabe’s man sits.

The victims made it crystal clear they were not after money. They just wanted assurance that the “justice” offered by our feeble prison sentences would not be made even more pitiful by tax free payouts to criminals for hurt feelings.

So Mr Goff’s Act could not have been more insulting to the victims. His Victims Special Claims Tribunals will cost $534,000 to set up, and $379,000 per year to run, just to pretend that victims might get some of the $60,000 paid out on average to upset prisoners each year.

There will be more chance of winning Lotto than being successful with a victim claim for genuine suffering.

Prisoners can sue for fanciful loss, with legal aid paid by the taxpayer.

Genuine victims and their representatives, like the Sensible Sentencing Trust, spend their own money to seek justice for very real injuries and loss.

Its time to assert our rights as a sovereign nation. ACT stands up against Ms Clark and her ministers at all times, not just when an election is looming.
No more grovelling to Mugabe.

Give your Party Vote to ACT.
We stand up for ordinary New Zealanders.

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