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  • June 16th, 2005

The manufactured hysteria over the Police ‘computer porn scandal’ supposedly resulted in frothing public indignation and alarm, but actually it caused amusement and disbelief for most of us.

The downside is that this was an unwarranted blow to the image of the police. A very small percentage of the force had been found to have objectionable emails in their files and for this the whole force is being tarnished.

The over-reaction did not distinguish between sicko stuff that should be criminalised, and the everyday lewd and grubby stuff that should merit no more than a warning.

If there is child porn or bestiality on the files then those involved should be prosecuted. But the word is that this stuff was mostly just bad taste.

Nothing more.

Radio New Zealand solemnly passed on an expert’s warning that undesirable material is “a major problem for NZ corporates with over 30% of work computers infected.”

That’s us!.

That’s our workplaces!

One in three of us have viewed undesirable material. Does this mean that we should be scandalised and appalled that the police are just like us?

We must call for fairness to the cops involved. What I’ve heard so far suggests that most of the targets were just the victims of fashionable prudishness, not porn perverts.

When Police are so short staffed, it would be tragic, if the same government that has legalised prostitution and taken away police powers to enforce laws against underage sex, then drove out 300 more police for being sadly, too normal.

The cops who were pilloried are casualties of a Government desperate to look terribly strict on computer images of sex, to distract attention from the actual sex loosed by their own dodgy agenda described by John Tamihere.

As ACT MP’s we abhor the cowardice of political correctness and the intellectual dishonesty of those who promote it.

When all other politicians go silent, or join in conspicuous outrage it is time for a genuine opposition to stand up.

If you think the police are being unfairly singled out, Give your Party Vote to ACT.

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