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Gary Weiss on regulator folly

  • March 30th, 2009

Gary Weiss is the third speaker on the ABC’s ‘Big Ideas’ lecture session yesterday. Topic –  the GLC (global financial crisis) how bad will it get?

Gary follows Bernie Fraser (former Aus Secretary of the Treasury – who says nothing new) and an academic, Steve King.

Gary started his legal and business career here in Wellington but is now best known as a Guinness Peat boss. Even in our discussion of Law School class assignments he avoided group think. So I listened.

Gary offers only a chilling recital of folly, quoting Ben Bernanke against Nouriel Roubini, hardly needing to do more.

Steve King’s address, before Gary’s, told me things I did not know.  I particularly applaud his condemnation of the lack of economic history content to economics teaching (my BA major was cconomic history).

Do not listen to King or Weiss if you’d prefer to enjoy our New Zealand Indian summer in the mellow mood our leaders are striving to maintain for us.


  • Nikki Pender
  • March 31st, 2009
  • 6:36 pm

Thanks for that link, Stephen.

The academic is Steve Keen, not King (damn Aussie accents!). He is a professor of economics at University of Western Sydney.

FYI, here is his blogsite:


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