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Twits a twitter

  • March 29th, 2009

Check out some twits twittering (for those not easily embarrassed for others) –
Predictably unpleasant vacuities from the Beagle Boy
These grovelling inanities are the biggest disappointment. I’ve previously attributed to Shane Jones the self respect to avoid this kind of mistake. He’s had the benefit of my doubt since he tried so hard to repair the building regulation botch-up he inherited from the Beagle Boy
Darren’s sappy trifles do not demean him. He’s always played the jester, and is probably still decent behind it.
Flat but mercifully sparse
Please, please someone, save Phil Goff from doing more than he’s done – that is nothing since his account was set up, no doubt by a communications adviser.
How can people in responsible public positions, expecting some day to lead,  so demean themselves?
On the other hand check out this 3 minute YouTube clip of Daniel Hannan demolishing UK PM Gordon Brown. It has been downloaded over 1.6m times. A serious politician treating politics seriously..


  • Adam
  • March 30th, 2009
  • 3:22 am

Jones can’t email to save his life, and has no clue what Twitter is. Obvious case of identity theft.

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