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The Poisoned Gift

  • July 19th, 2005

Maori are being set up.

They have been given a poisoned gift.

They are being egged on by the government to hinder development.

The Local Govt Act stipulates that Maori must be consulted over a broad range of decision making. In practice they have the final say on undefined requirements for cultural and spiritual sensitivity though the law fudges exactly what veto power they actually have.

They don’t have powers that they can use to develop or create anything. All they can do is to impose conditions on other people’s projects

This is blatant discrimination on the grounds of race. Ostensibly it is to benefit Maori but it is having the opposite effect.

Maori have been put in an impossible position.

They are seen as the roadblock.

The hindrance to progress.

A difficulty that has to be overcome.

They can only benefit from these obstructive powers by clipping the ticket on every project, resource consent or hint of progress.

More and more people are angry at this compulsory iwi consultation process.

The best and brightest wont stay in councils when all they can see is the hypocrisy and time wasting of all the consultants now required by law.

Maori are being set up.

They are being seen as the bad guys, always opposing progress.

Constantly embroiled in frustrating others, in interfering with their plans, is no recipe for constructive respect or healthy relationships.

It is not a training ground for Maori entrepreneurship.

Relationships between Maori and their neighbours are poisoned.

The ‘Maori Dimension’ of the Resource Management and Local Government Acts is a travesty.

ACT has fought through three parliaments for a level playing field for all New Zealanders where the law is colour blind.

National and the Winston Party are at last getting on board.

This year for the first time they have joined us in voting against bills that refer to the spurious principles.

We just hope that they don’t lose their new found consistency between what they say now, and how they vote after the election.

Give your party vote to ACT.

We created the policies that the others are now adopting.

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