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Kiwis Can Fly

  • July 21st, 2005

In the past year 18,000 more people left New Zealand than came back.

One quarter of all our university graduates are overseas.

These people are being ‘pushed’ from the country and we don’t think it is right.

Why are they leaving and not returning.?

* Low Wages. We import qualified people from poorer countries at low wages and drive our own offshore. Eventually these imports will realise that they too can do better in other richer countries and they will desert this country.
* This generation of graduates don’t want to cripple their children with an unrecognised NCEA certificate, skills in kapa haka and an expertise at filling out welfare forms. How can their children expect to compete with highly qualified Asians?
* They worry about government promoted privileges based on race.
* They are concerned about historical payouts that just go on and on.
* There is fear of out of control vicious young criminals that the community is too scared to punish.
* And they can see little chance of paying back huge student debts on low salaries in this country.
* They see a lack of support for business entrepreneurs.

We can’t pretend we don’t need these people; we do.

If a CEO said “Don’t worry about staff losses, we’ll just get some more people.”

They’d be fired. And rightly so. As a country we should be treating this loss of talent much more seriously.

These are the people who will make the biggest contributions to this country in terms of tax; energy and ingenuity.

They will stay if there are sufficient incentives and a political climate that is supportive.

ACT will work for a pro business and low tax environment to foster growth and attract back Kiwis who have voted with their feet.

Make your Party Vote count. Vote ACT.

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