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Plain speaking for a change – the Race Relations appointment

  • March 24th, 2013

Two heartening pieces of blunt common sense from two wildly different Ministers this week  – Judith Collins referring simply to Annette Sykes as a stupid person, and Chris Finlayson QC bluntly identifying the lack of elementary leadership in the dithering dopes we've elected to Wellington Council.

The appointment of Dame Susan Devoy, could be a wasted opportunity despite Michael Laws' instinctive judgment that it can't matter because it is a non-job.. I'll wait to judge. She could be a success as stuning to the media chooks as  Lockwood Smith's Speakership. But I wish the Minister had used the sinecure position to install someone more likely to take on the racism of the Treaty industry from a position of academic superiority. It would not be especially  difficult for the right person. But to stare down the people infesting the HRC, with their genuine qualifications in fake knowledge (like de-colonisation studies) and their sincere bigotry, she would need enough knowledge of the fake studies industry  to spear them with their own illogic.

I doubt that she will acquire that strength, but perhaps she will skewer their pretension anyway with 'naive' common sense. Simply ignoring their refined theories would go a long way.



yes, a good synopsis

  • Mike Mckee
  • April 5th, 2013
  • 10:07 am

I am in doubt that she’ll make any headway at all.
But more strength to her arm.

The system is skewed towards the racism of the continued maorification of NZ by the academia, judicial activists and white guilt lobby.
Plus the bottomless pit of taxpayers monies 🙂


I’ll wait to judge

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