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Another stupid privacy whinge

  • March 22nd, 2013

9700 more people being implored to feel violated and anxious and entitled to compensation because someone made an innocent mistake with data about them.

Who cares?



Worse than that. We’ve an affected house in Chch so are on the EQC mailing list: got an email this afternoon saying they’re going to be finding out who is affected then apologising.


I couldn’t care less, because you’re right in this instance, Stephen, there’s no privacy issue or import here. What there is though, is an increasing urgency from our point of view to get our insurance issues settled (and that’s so hopeless, we’ve basically shelved our claim for a few years so we don’t have to bother thinking about it). Time apologising to 9,700 claimants is not going to be helpful.

Reminds me, though, of that man in Hitch-Hikers Guide who was working through the whole universe alphabetically insulting people. A sisyphean task.

(Qualification: if, say, IRD were ever to let private information about me go, I would be jumping up and down, a lot).


my house is insured for what they say, I found out that the hard way, I do all he work,It is me , I do the work , I do not expect you people in Wellington to help us nor Auckland but don’t feel so bad when we say fuck you bastards for nothing when it comes to you

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