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Electoral Commission and the EPMU

  • August 4th, 2008

See Murray McCully’s summary of the problem for those who want to hold Labour to its petard. The Electoral Commission has not released its reasoning for allowing the EPMU to register to spend $120k in the election despite the EPMU’s intimate connections with the Labour party.

Young Labour demonstrators outside the National Party conference yesterday maintained the party’s now tradtional expectation that it will not be required to comply with their own law. They were distributing photocopied $100 notes with slogans supporting the EFA. The notes and their placards against National omitted the required authorisation statement, as is their custom.

Of course if someone was looking for fun they’d get some from a complaint against people who breach the law they support.

But I hope they keep it up. People defending the indefensible EFA  are doing more damage to themselves than anything the "authorities" are likely to do.

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