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A warming tale

  • August 4th, 2008

During John Key’s keynote speech to the National Party Conference, we parked  three “campaign” cars in a row on Wakefield Street.

Decorated with smiling faces and the National logo were my classic VW, and the cars of Katrina Shanks (Ohariu) and Richard Whiteside (Rimutaka). 

Thinking the cars might be a vandalism target for the Labour demonstrators, my wife, Cathy, asked workers on a nearby building site if they were sympathetic to National.

“I’ve got Bye Bye Helen on my truck,” grinned the long-haired foreman.  And yes, they were happy to look after the cars during the speech.

Genuine workers want a change in government.



  • jcuknz
  • August 4th, 2008
  • 5:41 pm

Perhaps they are tired of Helen but do they appreciate the alternative? I fear we are all between a rock and a hard place as some of the National proposals are plainly horific.

  • Mike Mckee
  • August 6th, 2008
  • 11:22 am

I too fear what could be in store from national.
The anti (family) smacking showed to me that John Key and his core advisors will do anything to get power even if it means shafting ordinary Kiwi parents for a smack on the bum.

I know I go on about this but for me if this is what National is capable of what else are we in for on other issues?

This issue merely continues the Labour nanny state as the amendment hasn’t and won’t stop child abuse as the papers keep showing us.

I am middle of the road conservative, traditional voter and want the liberal left Labour/Green coalition out as soon as possible.

John Key and his core are suspect to me and to many people I speak to in Supermarkets, dairies, school sports fields.
They want Helen gone and preferably a good clear out of Labour too.

  • Jim Maclean
  • August 7th, 2008
  • 10:04 am

I see myself as a centrist, although I have voted Labour in every election since I was 18 (I am now 54). I was aghast at the damage that Muldoon did to the NZ economy. I shared Lange’s hope that Douglas’s changes would be a better way, then later concern at his extremism.
I see a naïve folly in doctrinaire policy that ignores human nature and real world effectiveness. No matter how elegant the theory, many philosophies simply don’t work and I am wary of the mindset that fails to recognise that Kiwibank is a success story and the Electricity reforms were a disaster.
Generally I believe that Labour handled most issues as well as any government could be expected to, and better than most, but the anti smacking bill and law and order issues have convinced me that the country would be better off with National this term than anyone else. This decision is not a given, and if it becomes evident that National will be more concerned with right wing theory than what actually works I will hold my nose and vote Labour again. Stephen Franks seems a sensible and eloquent spokesman for National and I hope the Party recognises this.

  • Mike Mckee
  • August 7th, 2008
  • 5:57 pm

The way the last National Govt sacked all the firemen in a day and made them all apply for their jobs still rankles with me.

That the man Estall was linked to the Insurance Industry and big business’s complaints about premiums merely added grist to the mill at the time.

No on reflection, if I really thought National was going to privatise ACC I wouldn’t vote for them.
If they’re going down the ideological route in the 2nd term then God help the little people.

  • Steve Quinn
  • August 9th, 2008
  • 11:04 pm

So, if you a worker & DON’T want a change in Government, your NOT a GENUINE worker?? What sort of a #$%^&* are you?

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