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Can candidates work together to protect signs?

  • October 27th, 2008

 Our National team’s sign surveillance delivered an arrest early this morning in Newtown.

This long weekend saw a 90% reduction in the destruction of our signs. It appears that costs of destruction have been substantially reduced for other parties. Only on one site last night (Wadestown) were all except Labour’s signs destroyed.

We’re protecting freedom of expression.  It is vital to everyone who believes in elections without coercion, whether you think signs are useful or not. Some parties whose budgets would not stand the cost of continual sign replacement will remain visible..

And we’ve cut the waste plastic going to the tip.

But law and enforcement can’t work long term without a practical consensus. Respect for others, for their rights to express opinions and respect for their property should concern all candidates.

So I’ve invited other candidates to join with National in this effort. I’ve asked them to contribute volunteers and to share the costs and the results of the infrared camera hire. Here is the invitation.  One other candidate has accepted the invitation already.

I’d like to think most candidates can show New Zealanders’ traditional tolerance and respect for the rights of those we disagree with.  “Whatever it takes”  is not yet embedded as the governing principle for elections.


  • Philip
  • October 29th, 2008
  • 4:17 pm

Stephen, can you confirm that this arrest eventuated only after the *the person arrested* called the police because he feared for his personal safety after members of your vigilante stake out squads chased him through the streets of Newtown?

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