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You borrow for us so we keep our train sets – Christchurch

  • May 26th, 2012

Amazing to see the sympathetic coverage of the outraged reaction to Government suggestions that local government do what any sane householder does – if you really need something, and you have 'nice to have' assets your neighbours generally cope without – you sell what you must to fix the roof or otherwise attend to the necessaries first. 

Instead the whining reps of Christchurch are demanding that the rest of NZ borrow even more so they can keep their commercial 'jewels'. 

My last experience of the business nous of Canterbury local government was getting paid a rent bill just in time before their scandalously incompetent Target pest destruction business collapsed leaving creditors mourning.

No surprise that the unions campaign for more borrowing instead of cutting our cloth or selling nice to haves. They can rip off dopey politician run businesses much more easily than those where real owners money is at risk. 

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