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Who will stick with the order of the Kakapo?

  • March 8th, 2009

The decision to reinstate titular honours is a sign of John Key’s confidence. During the election the party was determined not to allow Labour to paint it as fuddy-duddy Establishment.

Now John Key  has established public trust in his humanity he can reverse doctrinaire left changes like the abolition of titles.

I wonder whether any of the Labour notables who’ve disparaged "imperial honours" but honoured themselves with post-colonial orders that now convert back into Knight and Dame-hoods, will have the grace to decline John Key’s generous invitation? I trust Margaret Wilson will not convert hers.

Some people have been relieved of the temptation. The Order of New Zealand people are not included in the offer. So the "20 greatest living New Zealanders" (which in 2005 just happened to include 7 former Labour politicians)  will not get the choice. Will that please Jonathan Hunt? He was part of the Labour government in 1987 which created that order as a non-titular honour (explicitly to move away from our colonial past).

I suspect Republican JIm Bolger ONZ will be relieved not to be tempted.




If we had the Order of the Kakapo (or Kiwi) we’d be able to call those awarded it Jo/e Bloggs OK 🙂

  • admin
  • March 10th, 2009
  • 7:01 am

Now that could make our indigenous order worth it. Could we have MATE as the highest order, and what could it be an acronym for?


MATE – Marvellous Award for Tremendous Effort.

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