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What was that?

  • March 31st, 2011

I wonder how many others woken at 5 am today in Wellington reached for their smartphones to find reporting that might explain it.

Nothing on DomPost, Stuff, RadioNZ, Radiolive, or Newstalk. There rarely is, promptly, on local stuff.

Having heard Bernadette Courtney’s bags of opportunity speech at a Chamber of Commerce lunch last week this was the first time I went to the Dompost site first. Nothing really different from Stuff. Won’t bother again.

Is there some local focused blog or news exchange I am missing? Must it be twitter, perhaps hanging off David Farrar’s precocity? ,



If you want near-instant local news, the best thing to do is get a Twitter account and follow a bunch of people in the locality you're interested in.
Whatever else you think of Twitter, it's got a whole "meerkats sticking their heads up and looking around" thing, except that Twitterers than talk about it on Twitter.
Definitely worked brilliantly for the recent East-West ferry sinking in Seatoun incident – I knew what was happening pretty well as it happened.


its 5am dude fast asleep nobody wake up,
best dream a good dream, hope that the day will be good,
wake up, send regards to your friends and wife, be brave,
 keep going dude, 

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