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Wellingtonians describe Stephen

Stephen Franks is a wonderful Wellingtonian! He is vastly experienced commercially, but more importantly has a lovely family, is intelligent, passionate, honest and committed. Regardless of your political persuasion Wellington Central could not have a better MP to represent it in Parliament. Lloyd Morrison, businessman and arts and sports benefactor, Kelburn.


 I am confident that Stephen is the right person to represent our Wellington community.  I have always been impressed with how he takes time to listen, think and follow up to fully understand issues that need to be dealt with effectively. David Carson-Parker, arts patron and administrator, Mount Victoria.

Stephen is a straight-up guy. He won’t beat around the bush if you ask him a straight question and he will walk the talk.       He knows how to get the job done and will work hard for you. Vote Stephen Franks! Ira Vickerman, builder, Johnsonville.

 I am prepared to abandon a lifetime of being overtly apolitical, to wish Stephen well in his campaign, and express the hope that he will be elected as MP for Wellington Central. Wyn Beasley, writer and retired surgeon, Wellington

Beyond a doubt, Stephen Franks is the best candidate in Wellington Central. A deep thinker, Stephen exemplifies honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness during his previous term in parliament. Stephen has the potential to be a future minister.  Sam Kwok, President of the Tung Jung Association of New Zealand, Northland.

Stephen Franks is the right person for Wellington Central.  He is very passionate about the city and its place within government.  He enjoys the challenge of governance and its place in law, how law can help our country and above all New Zealanders.  We especially need competent people in this time of world wide financial crisis and Stephen will be a great asset to a National government. Bridget-Anne Fowler, clerical assistant, Thorndon  

Wellington Central was fortunate with its last MP. It will again be fortunate if Stephen is elected. I’ve known Stephen over 20 years and have always been impressed by his intellect acumen and willingness to "go the extra mile". Few prospective MPs bring his wealth of personnel experience and commitment. Wellington and New Zealand will be better for his being elected. Tim Brown, passionate Wellingtonian and company director, Mount Victoria.


We’ve known Stephen for 30 years.  Stephen is a self made man from Taihape who has gone on to be a very successful lawyer.  He is a dedicated husband and family man.  We can’t imagine why such a person would want to go and sit in parliament, but I guess when you have Stephen’s determination and you can see a brighter future for Wellington, New Zealand and all New Zealanders, you’re just driven to do what’s right. Good on you Stephen.  We need people of your intellect in government.  We’ll definitely be voting for you. Richard and Nicky Johnson, Mt Victoria

“Stephen Franks is an intelligent guy with a good grasp of the key issues facing this constituency and our country. More importantly hes not afraid to confront the big issues, is tenacious and skilled in dealing with them.  
He is a hard worker from a successful commercial background, capable, passionate and committed.  Thats a rare combination of qualities in politics today. His motivation is spot on, he doesn’t need this job but he wants to make a difference. What better qualification could you ask for? He’s the type of guy we need working for us.. Mark Thomson, businessman, Wellington city.


Despite knowing several candidates over different electorates this election, I will be giving only one candidate my personal endorsement – Stephen Franks. Stephen is a tireless worker and an extremely thoughtful policymaker. New Zealand deserves representatives of his calibre. I have heard of many giving their party vote to the left who intend to give a candidate vote to Stephen on November 8. He is a politician of conscience, not afraid to depart from the party line if an important issue demands it. In today’s politics, where expediency seems so often to trump sound decision making, Stephen stands to lift the integrity of our parliament.Cameron Cotter, student, Thorndon

A National Government needs Stephen Franks in it. We’ve seen too many badly flawed laws passed in recent years, such as the Electoral Finance Act. Stephen will be a champion for good law making, and a strong voice for Wellington Central. David Farrar, small business owner, Thorndon.

Stephen will work as hard for Wellington Central as I did.  Vote for Stephen and National. Hon. Bill Young, former National Minister of Works and Wellington MP, Oriental Bay

He is able to see the good points in proposals from all parties. He is a unique combination of someone who has firm ideas but is flexible enough to work with everyone… plus he makes me laugh. Rosie White, artist, Wadestown.
I am very privileged to have had a long association with Stephen over many years and I have the utmost respect and personal recommendation for Catharine and Stephen. Bill Brien, former hotelier and Wellington benefactor, Mount Cook.

I support Stephen Franks for Wellington Central, because I believe he shares similar passion with Wellingtonians like the arts, culture and the great lifestyle that we have in Wellington. Stephen is an all round caring person, who tries to contribute as much as possible to the community and judges everyone as equals. Stephan has a genuine interest in Wellington and wants to help change and develop the capital for the better. Rosalynd Hynd, student, Wellington city.

I have worked with Stephen on the Management Board of my daughter’s school for the last 4 years . His humour , insights , perceptive comments and ability to ask those questions that stretch the establishment and challenge the Management team add real value. It’s never a dull meeting with Stephen present !!  Stephen’s contribution to the quality of leadership and teaching the school provides is to be applauded. Mark Blumsky, Marsden School board member and National MP, Wellington city.

Stephen works with his constituents and understands the local issues,but he also understands the bigger picture necessary to govern this country. Stephen researches the issues, he speaks authoritatively, and engenders confidence. We need Stephen in Parliament, and we need more MPs like him. Margaret Emerre, company director, researcher, Mount Victoria. 

Stephen Franks is one of the ablest men I know, warm and friendly, responding to people and our problems: Above all with the ability to help run our country and ensure its peace and progress. Hon Hugh Templeton, former National Cabinet Minister, Kelburn.

 Stephen is an ideal representative for this electorate, and he and his family typify everything that is great about Wellington Central – successful through their own efforts, great contributors to the life of the city on several levels, socially liberal.  As a business owner in Wellington for over 25 years, I am keen to elect an MP who understands and supports enterprise, and who is committed to minimising the role of government in our lives. Claire Drake, company director, Thorndon. 

I am voting for Franks because it seems to me that he cares about Wellington more than just about anything else. He wants a city that is effervescent and lively but also safe. His campaign and his record back that up. Liam Hehir, student, Thorndon.
I am voting for Stephen Franks because: his integrity is unquestionable, he is courteous and inclusive, he is able to connect with human beings of all ages and interests and he has courage and persistence. Margaret Austin, writer, Mount Victoria.
Stephen is fair-minded and sets high standards.  He does not do mediocrity.  He is a passionate New Zealander who believes we can improve our game. Roger Smith, geographer, Kelburn.
Stephen is knowledgeable about, and well connected with the institutions and people who can help this great city continue to develop as a wonderful place to live and work. Peter Shirtcliffe, retired, Wellington city.

I have spent many hours on the sidelines of sports fields with Stephen and Catharine supporting our children in their school teams. I have admired the huge time commitment they have made to supporting not only their own children but their team mates and the school. The Franks have always been amongst the first to offer support with travel, training and management. Their energy, commitment and positive attitude, no matter what the result, has been inspiring to the students and fellow parents alike. Wayne Morgan, parent, Wadestown.

I regard him as an outstanding person to represent us as the next Member for Wellington Central. Jeff Weston, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health, Kelburn. 
Stephen Franks is a passionate Wellingtonian with boundless energy and enthusiasm.  He has the intellectual grunt to grapple with complex issues along with an overarching sense of decency and fair play.  Wellington, and indeed the whole country, would be very lucky to have him in the new government. Elaine Westlake, student and internet business owner, Thorndon. 
I have found him both interested and sympathetic to what we need to ensure ALL  our New Zealand children can read and write. He listens and he acts.  He understands the relationship beween law and order and poor literacy skills and he is keen to work to solve this. Paula Gilbert, M.Ed. Psych: Dyslexic tester/consultant, Roseneath.
What we need is a representative who can hit the ground running, experienced in legislative processes and who is an acknowledged expert in Securities, Finance and Commercial Law for these turbulent times. Stephen Franks is that person. John Milne, company director, Kelburn.
Stephen Franks is honest, intelligent and an original thinker. I want Stephen back in parliament and, this time, in Government. I believe that the politics of the right is more effective in promoting better living standards overall but it needs to be implemented with compassion. Stephen Franks is the right person for Wellington Central. He has a clear vision, thinks through the issues and has his heart in the right place. Stephen Gale, economist, Wellington.
He’s very outgoing and ready to have fun. As a student, he is prepared to connect with us on a personal level. Steven is getting my vote. Oliver Ibbetson, 18 student, Karori.
I have known and worked with Stephen Franks for many years. He is intelligent and hardworking, but above all he is a genuine and honest man, who can be trusted to do his very best for those he serves.  Kevin O’Connor, company director, Wellington.
I wholeheartedly endorse Stephen Franks as the MP for Wellington Central, not only because of his remarkable ability to address complex policy in everyday terms but also because of his vision for and commitment to Wellingtonians. No matter what part of his life (be it work, private, social or leisure) Stephen approaches it all with a genuine sincerity and humility that reflects all that we Kiwis hold dear. Stephen has ambition for Wellington, but not an agenda;   passion, not prejudice;   integrity, not ill-will. His enthusiasm for Wellington and New Zealand is contagious and transcends political ideology. He is more than just a political aspirant; he is an inspiration to us all. Julian Light, public servant, Aro Valley.
Stephen is a hard worker who is passionate about this city and country. He has a genuine interest in the issues that face us, and I think he is the best person to solve those issues. Nic Henwood, student, Karori.
 For the first time in about 40 years we have a candidate in Wellington Central who has the intellectual firepower and commonsense to make a difference.  Stephen will hit Parliament running.  Graham Halstead, valuer, Kelburn. 
He is a man of considerable acumen and intelligence; able to understand complex issues and to reach a dispassionate and reasoned resolution to the many problems which will confront our representatives in Parliament. At a time when many electors are cynics, I don’t think I could be more positive about a candidate looking for my vote. John Feast, businessman, Thorndon.
Steve is smart; understands how law is made and applied; is dogmatic, persistent and therefore effective; knows business; is highly respected by his colleagues and has an excellent parliamentary track record; seeks the best outcome and works in a bipartisan way to achieve it; lives in Wellington with his great family, and has a sense of humour. And finally he is at least as valuable to the nation as he is to Wellington. Bruce McLean, businessman, Wadestown.
Stephen Franks is one of the most genuine people I have come across. Whilst I haven’t known him for a long time I find him to be an easy going, down to earth man. It is really very rare to find a politician who has these qualities in abundance. I feel it is important that a Wellington MP is able to mix with a wide range of people from all ages and all walks of life. Stephen has these capabilities and demonstrates them every time I have been with him. David Radich, retail assistant and student, Karori.
Stephen Franks is that rare person who integrates a warmth of humanity and humour with a clear intuitive intelligence, a breadth of experience, and tenacity of purpose. He is a man to be respected; a man to be trusted to honour the responsibilities of democratic government. It is, with a sense of privilege, of urgency and of concern, that I give my recommendation that Stephen Franks be chosen as our next Wellington Central Member of Parliament. Madeline de Croy, mother of four/grandmother of seven, Northland.
Stephen is smart, hard working, and has both ideas and ideals. He would make a great local MP no matter which way your Party Vote goes. Rex Nicholls, hotelier, Oriental Bay

Wellington Central is apparently the best educated electorate in the country and so deserves a truly excellent and respected MP. Stephen Franks is honest honourable and hard working. He can only return to Parliament by winning the seat. I will knock on doors till my knuckles bleed to garner support for him. I am gratified that so many say that whilst their Party Vote will go elsewhere they will give their electorate vote to Stephen. In the privacy of the voting booth I urge you to do the same on November 8th and elect an MP in whom we can all have pride and who has a pride in Wellington. Patrick McCarthy, medical practitioner, Karori.
I worked for Stephen for a couple of years, some time before he entered politics, and am aware that one of the things he enjoyed most about his work was mentoring and helping young people to reach their potential.  Perhaps that’s why Stephen has so many young people keen to support his campaign – they know, as I do, that Stephen cares.  I’ve been out canvassing with Stephen and have been amazed at his easy rapport and ability to connect with a wide cross section of our community. Stephen Franks is well placed to be a first class MP for Wellington Central. Johan Barton, director, organisational development, Northland.
Stephen Franks would be a great MP for Wellington Central. He has lived there most of his life, and is experienced in politics with many good connections. He has had a real job too, and is smart enough to represent Wellington voters and their issues. Philip O’Brien, accountant, Rongotai.
Stephen is someone who plays it straight and is a genuinely good guy. I’ve only known him for a short period of time, but I would have him as my lawyer, my mate and definitely as my local MP. Nick Cross, high school student, Wellington. 
I personally support and endorse Stephen Franks, National Candidate for Wellington Central, for re-election to Parliament in next month’s general election. I believe he has the positive outlook, skillset and previous parliamentary experience to be an excellent constituency MP. I have also admired for many years Stephen’s sensible, logical, fair-minded and well-reasoned approach to matters which affect us all: serious crime, higher education, constitutional issues and business regulation. Paul Foster, public servant, Wellington.
"I have been most impressed with Stephen Frank’s enthusiasm as a candidate to be a Member of our Parliament. He is a lawyer and has a wide background of career and personal interests which would make him a good MP. He also has the full support of Catherine , his wife, and is the type of member we need to represent Wellington Central. Logan Russell, tourism operator, Mount Victoria
I have had personal experience of Stephen’s clear thinking and considerable competence. We need people like this to be in Government. Stephen is well known as a top commercial lawyer. We are lucky that he has the public spirit to give up such a career in order to serve the voters in Parliament. Hon. Peter Gresham, ONZN FCA JP, former National Cabinet Minister, Khandallhah.
I have known Stephen franks for 30 years, and I have had the privilege of seeing him always play a straight bat, always show courtesy to people he deals with, and I watched as he dealt with some of the issues in front of him when he first went into politics.  In Stephen I see the ideal person to work with the central Wellington political scene with all its variations. He is the right person to represent this complex electorate, and I have absolute confidence in his honesty,integrity, high standards and skill level, something I feel New Zealand needs very badly in our parliament. Christopher Harris, company director, Wadestown
"I always thought that Stephen took a sensible and level headed approach to things when previously in Parliament. When he was not returned in 2005, I thought it was a pity he was not a National MP, he would seem more ‘at home’ with National. Lo and behold he is now a National candidate giving his Labour opponent a good run for his money. Peter Milne, electrical engineer, Wadestown. 
Stephen’s the most thoughtful person in politics I’ve met.  He doesn’t talk slogans or sound bites, he answers questions with genuine consideration and respect.  I cannot think of a better representative for Wellington and the public service based here. Jordan Williams, accountant (public sector), Wellington city.
I have known Stephen for 20 years and cannot fault his enthusiasm or dedication in his personal and public life.As National’s representative for Wellington Central he will be a focused hard working MP, not only on national issues but local issues that affect the constituents of Wellington Central no matter what background or political persuasion they may come from.Steve has had 6 years in Parliament and understands the processes and rigours. Keith Ferguson, investment manager/sharebroker, Kelburn

Stephen Franks is a National candidate and family man of the highest character. His exemplary background in law will be a great asset in a National lead Government.  Stephen has a reputation for detail and he will ensure that legalisation coming through the house is well researched and not rushed. I have no hesitation in recommending him for Wellington Central. Lance Dawber-Ashley, business development manager, Wadestown.
I have known Stephen for approximately 20 years and have great respect for him from a legal point of view, as a gentleman and as a friend. I have followed with interest his earlier period in parliament where noticeably he was respected and consulted by members of all political parties about matters that concerned them, to which he willingly and privately offered his help.MMP was especially introduced to encourage people like Stephen with the special knowledge and skills which are needed desperately in parliament, to facilitate their entry. I am disapointed to see that he has been relegated to 60th on the party list by the powers that be, which now means it is essential that he wins the most votes in the Wellington Electorate. My respect and thanks go to both Stephen and Catherine for the hard work and sacrifices they are making in their effort to make both Wellington and New Zealand a better place.I intend to vote for him as our Wellington MP.   Peter Findlay, retired, Oriental Bay   

Stephen Franks is honest, intelligent and an original thinker. I want Stephen back in parliament and, this time, in Government. I believe that the politics of the right is more effective in promoting better living standards overall but it needs to be implemented with compassion. Stephen Franks is the right person for Wellington Central. He has a clear vision, thinks through the issues and has his heart in the right place.Stephen Gale, economist, Wellington.


I have personal knowledge of Stephen Franks as a person of good character and integrity and I have no hesitation in recommending him as both a successful business and family man who has the principals essential to be a contributing member of parliament. Roger Manthel, retired, Oriental Bay


Stephen Franks , a lawyer by training, is a highly intelligent person, and a  person of utmost integrity.He knows Wellington well and understands its problems and potential. He places family values high amongst his ideals. Stephen has the experience in Parliament and the business world which would make him a most valueable member of Parliament for Wellington central. Neil Taylor, agricultural economist, Thorndon

I first met Stephen over 30 years ago when his advice was needed on technical aspects of finance raising in the US.     His competence in negotiations  with US lawyers made a most favourable impression and I have followed his subsequent career with interest and consider him to be an ideal candidate for Wellington Central and for a National Government Cabinet.   Intellect drive and determination are qualities Stephen brings to any role he has been invited to undertake. Charles Speight OBE FInstD FCIT, retired company director, Wellington.

Stephen is exactly the sort of person we need in Parliament. His interests and skills extend well beyond the law, in which he is very skilled He has had experience of life outside Parliament or the Public Service which to my mind is extremely important in these difficult times. He also has a very supportive wife and family. Terence Brandon, retired solicitor, Notary Public
I have developed a great respect for Stephen as man of passion, outstanding ability, and undoubted personal integrity.  Furthermore he is now  an  experienced politicion who has earned the personal respect of his peers of all political persuasions. Jennette McCaw, home executive, Kelburn.

Back in the early 80’s I lived with Stephen, Cathy and three of their four children.   This is a situation where one is exposed to the best and the worst of a person; a situation where one gets to know inner drives – what excites and what motivates.   I am very keen to see Stephen in the Government because I know that his propensity to work 16 hour days, coupled with his fierce intellect, his practical approach and his genuine desire to make a positive difference, will benefit us all.Michaela Draper, computer programmer, Kelburn.



I have known Stephen Franks for many years in a business law context. He is a highly regarded lawyer who will bring qualities of clear thinking and hard work to his job as a Member of Parliament for Wellington Central. I have no doubt he will represent the people of Wellington well. Geoff Fuller, retired corporate solicitor, Wellington.

I have known Stephen for over a year now through work, and I have never met anyone like him before! He is a genuine caring person who has both intellect and wit. For the first time in my life I can honestly say I truly want this person in government.I truly believe we could not have a better person running for the Wellington seat. Robert Holloway, lawyer, Kelburn.


I have appreciated Stephen’s wit, lucid thinking and sense of fair play in many different circumstances. His openness to new ideas and genuine interest in things around him combined with his sharp intelligence and political experience make him the ideal representative for Wellington Central. As a busy woman and mother of two I am confident Stephen can make a difference in this highly diverse and well educated electorate. Jenny Smith, mother, Wadestown.


Stephen is the right candidate for Wellington Central because of his:

extensive experience in both the public and private sectors; passion for service and strong involvement in the Wellington community. He is the candidate that will give Wellington’s interests a real voice in parliament. Tim Lynch, analyst, Wellington.


Stephen Franks is a gentleman of high intellect and calibre who will bring many needed qualities not only to the National Party but also to the New Zealand Parliament as a whole.  He will also be an excellent voice for the Capital city. Tim Hawley, businessman and former opera singer, Karori.
Steve Franks: A family man with good values.A clear thinker and a very respected commercial lawyer who has the experience to really contribute to a better New Zealand. National is very lucky to have him on its ticket! Rosemary Bradford, businesswoman, Wellington


I’ve voted (in advance) for Stephen Franks. Stephen is a good man, but that alone isn’t enough to vote for someone. He’s campaigned bloody hard (much harder than the other candidates) and actually wanting the job to that degree is a good indicator. We certainly don’t see eye to eye on everything – he voted against the Prostitution Reform Bill, which I was in favour of, but he would be an effective MP. He is intelligent and considerate. We need more people like him representing us and offering robust debate. I think he will be an excellent MP for Wellington Central, and I encourage you to tick him on election day, regardless of which party you vote for. Matthew Plummer, photographer, Wellington.