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Wellington Tenants’ Meeting

  • October 3rd, 2008

I went to a very enjoyable meeting last night with the tenants at Wellington City Council’s Arlington Flats. 

It was warm and good natured with many thoughtful questions.  Nothing on housing policy or rental problems – the ones I had expected – but instead we had questions on climate change, crime, health, the minimum wage, the role of capitalism, transport and foreign policy. 

One lady asked about opening ACC to competiton.  Her concern was the local Tai Chi class, funded at the apartments by ACC.  Another asked about the fairness of the government focussing exclusively on families with children.  As a single, middle-aged woman she believed she was costing the country much less.

We discussed why the Labour Government under Annette King is building a new hospital in Wellington that is smaller than the one it replaces, despite the aging population.  The Labour candidate explained that people will be encouraged to go to their local doctors and therefore won’t be as sick!  He also said more patients would be going to Kenepuru and Hutt Hospitals.  If you’re hearing the stories I’m hearing of up to 10 hour waits at the region’s emergency departments you wouldn’t be convinced either. 

The meeting was well organised by Ope Puketapu and her fellow executives of the Wellington Housing Association of Tenants. 



  • October 4th, 2008
  • 7:54 am

Labour have the right idea but obviously are not implementing it very well.

Just as the first hour is of prime importance with injury so it is better to treat the problem at early stages than to wait for it to require major hospital treatment at much greater expense and with less likelihood of successful outcomes.

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