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Wellington Central election result

  • November 9th, 2008

The key results before reporting special votes are as follows:


2008 preliminary result comparisons
 Party  2008  2008  2005  2002
National  11863  35.78%  32.66%  19.96%
Labour  11339  34.2%  49.32%  36.89%
 Green   6657  20.08%  15.78%  16.25%
 ACT  1403  4.23%   2.05%  11.97%
Candidate 2008  2008   2005  2002
Robertson   14120 42.58%  Hobbs      49.32%

 Hobbs 41.06%

Franks 12603  38.08%  Blumsky   34.23% Parata  29.54%
Kedgley  4464 13.46%  9.13%  13.05%
 Roy  738  2.2% Franks 1.8% Franks 7.78%


Wellington has three of its four leading candidates in Parliament (though having only one of them in government (Heather Roy) could feel different for Wellingtonians).  

Grant Robertson will take over from Marian Hobbs. She was deservedly popular for her warmth and energy. He was in her office as her apprentice for many months. I believe in apprenticeship, absorbing duties and behaviours while serving time, as Grant has.  

 He’s evidently aimed at this for some time. Perhaps Wellingtonians, steeped in politics, will always  prefer the focused skills that become second nature to career politicians. I used to go home after the multi-candidate election meetings sure I could never match his opening speech ability to stay so tightly “on message”.

 As I go back to rebuild my law practice, and directorships, I’m sure we’ll have reason to work together in Wellington. Friends we have in common have attested to his intelligence and personal warmth. I look forward to seeing that side of Grant.

For Dominion Post coverage of election night see Victory in the Shadow.


  • Paul Williams
  • November 11th, 2008
  • 4:57 pm

There’s some nice sentiment there Stephen. Though I am a supporter of Grant’s, I respect the commitment you or any candidate makes when putting themselves on the ballot.

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