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W Peters rising at Peter Cullen’s Breakfast

  • June 29th, 2016

Rt Hon Winston Peters this morning delivered his stump speech to a Wellington Club room stuffed to the gills with the city’s elite. He called on his great memory of events to keep them absorbed, despite random barbs for them as his natural enemies.
Chatham House rules prevail as Peter Cullen has reminded me. But I can say there was nothing I heard which would surprise anyone who has heard him speak recently, including his invitation speech on Brexit in London.
Election themes were foreshadowed with no surprises – inequality, immigration, arrogance and faults of government on behalf of a shadowy elite.

The significance of this is the huge number who got along at 7am to hear him, and the serious attention he is receiving. Peter Cullen tells me there was a large waiting list. They don’t turn up for a free breakfast. The courteous donate expense contributions. And the “breakfast” is token

Accordingly I see even lower prospects that Winston Peters will not decide who governs after the next election.

And we may be grateful. The media will not cover anyone else who calls out the NatLabGreen ruling consensus on immigration, and race entitlements that trash equality before the law. He alone may be able to ensure we do not need a Brexit style uprising against the elite before such stupidities are reversed.

If he does not find it just all too much work.



Stephen it was just the other day when I said to my wife, I might vote for Winstone Peters next election. I could hardly believe I said that.

But like voters in Britain and I sense just about every other liberal western democracy, I’ve had a guts full of our politicians suggesting we are racist bigots for wanting to preserve what remains of our western civilisation in the face of threats from immigration.

Thankfully its not as bad here as it is in Britain and Europe, or even Australia, but we still seem happy to import the culturally ‘illiberal’ while making a virtue out of our failure to discriminate on the basis of culture, religion or common sense.

Therefore the large turn out for Winstone in Wellington does not surprise me. What will surprise me is if any of our political elite will bother to listen.

  • Roger Strong
  • June 29th, 2016
  • 5:18 pm

I am thinking seriously of voting for Winston even if I have to hold my nose when doing so! When my local National MP replies to my email on unelected Maori on local councils by saying that he is ‘quite happy with Treaty settlements and race relations in this country’ then you know that they are way beyond reason.

  • David Lenny
  • June 29th, 2016
  • 8:11 pm

For decades I’ve regarded Winston as a useful opposition MP for keeping slack governments on their toes, but not someone whom I would ever support; yet for reasons given by Brendon and Roger, I’m seriously considering him.

National’s dogmatic belief that large scale immigration is an unmitigated benefit to existing New Zealanders despite the marked lack of evidence, and that rights of democratic equality can be sacrificed on the dodgy altar of Treaty partnership will almost certainly end my support for them at the next election.

What Is most surprising is to hold these views when once I was an ardent multiculturalist and am married to a Chinese immigrant wth almost all my friends and acquaintances being Chinese immigrants.

  • Marc Williams
  • July 2nd, 2016
  • 12:31 pm

When the next election comes around, hopefully the current sucking-up to the UN election hopeful and the UN Security Council responsibilities will have ended. Then our politicians can maybe start focusing on what is best for OUR country and abandon the grandstanding and showing off.

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