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UK judges deplore “torrent of legislation”

  • May 3rd, 2010

Thanks to the Law Society Bulletin for highlighting the Times OnLine report on UK judges empathy with citizens facing the Dickensian legal system constructed over the last 30 years.

Read and weep lawyers, because exhortation is no solution, and part of the reason for the mudslide of statute is the need Parliamentarians discern to leave minimal ambiguity for judges to exploit with unpredictable discretion.


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thanks for the reference Stephen,
It   made frightening reading . I can not remember if you have children of an impressionable age, and can lead them far from law practice:
I loved this from Judge Charles Harris, QC
"“The law is best kept as far away as possible; you’re best off having nothing to do with it”.
the people of New Zealand own the foreshore and we will not be dissuaded by cunning  deviant nihilistic  law surrounding our property .


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