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U-oh, there go the bumper stickers?

  • June 26th, 2008

 Cars with stickers are more  likely to show road rage says recent research reported in the Telegraph.

Oh dear – does that mean the  bumper stickers for my campaign will be associated with bad behaviour? It’s hard enough already making sure I don’t offend anyone inadvertently in my highly identified car.

Apparently the drivers of personalised cars behave more aggressively. Intuition might have told us that but now its research-established.

Drivers of cars covered with stickers and trinkets (known as territory  markers) are 15% more likely to respond to provocations such as being stuck in traffic (when their ‘territory’ is threatened)  by flashing lights,  tailgating and blocking other drivers. The more markers a car has, the more aggression. The content of the stickers — even  "Baby on Board" — did not make a difference.

Drivers who do not personalise their cars get angry too but they fume and mentally call the other driver rude names, instead of acting out their anger.

Another study, from the University of Maryland, suggests that road rage type people also also get worked up on the touchline at children’s sporting events. That study called it an "ego defensiveness" factor.

Most of us would have been astonished if they’d not found that link.


  • M Gordon
  • June 26th, 2008
  • 9:30 am

What about personalised number plates?
And is signage like “stagecoach” (- actually this is only aimed at ONE particular vehicle driver with this on, fortunately not on my route anymore – the rest are generally great, in my experience) a trinket?

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