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‘Told you so’ on maternity care

  • April 10th, 2008

Katrina Shanks MP is forcing into the open the increasing risk for pregnant women, as reported in today’s Herald. I worried about the problem a month ago.

It is not often that warnings of ideological bigotry are so precisely borne out by events.



Some have suggested “New Zealand is not alone in the fact that wherever these type of midwifery-led services have been offered around the world, women have voted with their feet. “
May I suggest that it is the supply of doctor care that has dried up not the demand. I am mother of 8 children aged 14 years to 8 weeks I have delivered babies through the many changes in funding and policy.
Women have voted with their feet in the same way a Russian under Communist rule preferred not to eat chocolate: there was none available, certainly none available at the Government set price.

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