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The warm politics of emission trading

  • September 21st, 2007

How often does National give an immediate warm hug to a long awaited Labour policy?

And how hard it must be for Labour to appear to welcome those congratulations.

Because the environment was supposed to be a circuit breaker for Labour, an area where they could make silly promises and leave National looking calculating and uncaring in the normal opposition stance of sceptical caution (however common sense that might be).

The speed and simplicity of the supportive statements from Bill English and Dr Nick Smith tell Labour strategists there will not be daylight between them on this issue. English left only one concession to National’s rational supporters – Part of the package must be reform of the Resource Management Act to make sure that renewable energy projects can get off the ground more easily.”

 National strategy on this has been deft. The ground was prepared many months ago. It extended to having international research overseen by Geoff Thompson.

Nick Smith’s highlighting of what appeared to be incompetence and hypocrisy in DoE’s failure to follow up on a DoC proposal to kill possums to save trees, deflated the start of what was supposd to  be a week of eager public anticipation of Labour leadership, then delivery.

The lack of political combat could deprive the issue of the  oxygen needed to fire it up. new Zealand could be the beneficiary if it remains a matter of interest only to interest groups and experts. Electioneers will have to find something else to grandstand on.



So amid all the hugs and backslapping over a job well done, the only losers appear to be producers, consumers and taxpayers — in other words, all of us who are paying for the whole “deft” circus!


Global Warming is not a matter of science (which it SHOULD be). It has degenerated into purely a matter of politics and money.

Helen Clark wanted to use it to get re-elected. Al Gore stirred it up for much the same reason.

This whole system of purchasing indulgences is a sham. I predict it will lead to a major reformation (and the downfall of many) when the warmists are proved to have cried “wolf” yet again.

  • David Baigent
  • September 22nd, 2007
  • 3:13 pm

“National strategy on this has been deft.�The ground was prepared many months ago. It extended to having�international research overseen by Geoff Thompson.”

Thank you for that insight.
Most encouraging.
It is nice to get a communication that is believable, can be substantiated but best of all has no spin..

  • Dianne Dawson
  • September 26th, 2007
  • 3:39 pm

For me, outside of politics for the time being, this is an “Aha” moment. Thanks for explaining why the Nats are falling in line with the encumbent communists and fascists.

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