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The Saints go marching

  • June 13th, 2008

I hadn’t followed the Wellington basketball team after an unpromising start to the season. But last night’s game was non-stop excitement, especially for the myriad kids in the audience, all armed with blow up noise batons.

We won. The 2 or 3 finals games will be ‘must sees’.

Basketball and waterpolo can be similar to watch, despite the obvious differences. I’ve seen lots of waterpolo (all four children played) but not much basketball.

As a school kid in Taihape I was one of a squad assembled and coached in basket ball by a couple of Mormon missionaries. The games kicked off by that side-mission did not last much beyond their time in Taihape.

Both games can be driven by violent fouling, and depend on firm and fair refereeing. Both crank up the fan temperature with high scoring. A team can get on a run at any time, and the current switches without warning.

Basketball has diverse supporters. I have yet to understand why the the sponsors call themselves ‘investors’, Michael Ogilvy-Lee long among them. They’re certainly producing a return for the rest of us, so hey, if calling their philanthropy ‘investment’ makes them feel better – great. 

I’m all for sponsors. Among those there last night, Ian Cassells and Bernard Robertson reminded me of the game, and Justin Toebes, Chairman of Wellington Basketball, was brimming with delight and bonhomie after Wellington confimed its place at the top of the national table.

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