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The best Ski Doo for the Wellington Free Ambulance

  • November 2nd, 2008

I’ve woken up with non-buyer’s regret.  

I nearly ended up with a Ski Doo two person ‘watercraft’ last night. Persuading myself that I was just helping out the superb auctioneer Ian Paterson (another Taihape product) I became the underbidder at the Wellington Free Ambulance charity dinner and auction.

I like those bogan things. I tried to calm Cathy with reassurance that it would be good for fishing. She reminded me I’ve earned next to nothing for months. In the end prudence prevailed, but I wish it had not. I’ll probably never again be tempted in circumstances so helpful to giving in.

The dinner was a model for how those things should run, with some of Wellington’s best at their best. I do not know how the  Duxton can deliver hundreds of salmon and lamb dishes at a time all in the condition you’d expect if the service were just for one table.

Ginette McDonald as Helen Clark reaching the summit of Everest (and not saying "we knocked the bastard off") was  a high point. She had masses of material but she could have gone twice as long with no one longing for dinner.

The Beat Girls, Mark Blumsky’s genial introduction and good sponsors (including my old client – Whittakers chocolates)made the whole thing outstanding.

I hope our Free Ambulance service is never subsumed into our disfunctional state health system. The professional pride and enthusiasm of a couple of off duty Free Ambulance officers who attended one of our cafe meetings (perhaps by accident as  they were in uniform) was a striking contrast to the depression I’ve had from most other health sector workers during this campaign.

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