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Susan Couch settlement

  • December 6th, 2012

Sensible of Ray Smith to settle this case. I was involved with Garth McVicar when we decided so long ago that the law had to be tested to help end the scandalous state of Corrections. Full credit to Mr Henry (and David Garrett) who put so much free time into this long struggle.

 But parole continues. All involved are guilty collaborators in pretence.

  • Pretence that they can predict which offenders will not hurt others again while out on theoretical "trust".
  • Pretence that the conditions imposed will make risk "manageable" (i.e. they will not be held responsible for the consequent sufferinf of innocent fresh vicitims) and
  • Pretence that the system has the will and the means to enforce the conditions.

The government did not have the honesty to settle the Kuchenbecker claims for the predictable death of  Graeme Burton's victims.


  • Kiwiwit
  • December 6th, 2012
  • 7:12 am

Hear, hear.

  • Brendan
  • December 6th, 2012
  • 9:44 pm


I suspect that nothing will change until there is personal accountability introduced into the system for those who make decisions on parole and bail for high risk criminals.

Introduce accountability, and the problem will be solved overnight.

  • Denis Stewart
  • December 10th, 2012
  • 12:45 am

David Garrett Snigger snigger snort what a sick joke you are Franks as the liar and cheat Garth mcvicar who is embarrassing to all Nzers who know Mcvicar is nothing but psychopath manipulator of post-traumatic stress disorder victims that he preys on also covers up child rape and torture for his SST members just like you and Mcvicar covering up Garrett’s stealing from a dead child.
Garrett is nothing but low life disgusting grave prowler also its well know Garrett’s as the most hated person in kakapaka so his neighbours say who state Garrett treated his wife like crap as well as the women he tried to date online who said garrett does not know how to treat women also Garrett is known as lewd and obnoxious drunk.
Couches case proved nothing at all and she is lucky the correction felt sorry for her and gave her the money they would have used to win the court case.
Couch took the money and ran and hope she runs as far away from you creeps as she can.

  • Mark Wright
  • December 10th, 2012
  • 3:09 pm

If the death of Burton’s victims was indeed predicable, then is it really a pretence that the parole board “can predict which offenders will not hurt others again”?

Or do is that *you* can predict it but the board cannot? If that’s the case, maybe you could help them out with some training? That might allow you to effect a change far more quickly than lobbying for major restructuring of the parole system.

  • Paranormal
  • December 12th, 2012
  • 8:30 am

Mark Wright – I think you’ve missed the point entirely. But then again perhaps that’s exactly what you wanted to do.

The parole system is set up to let everyone go after a third of the sentence is served. It is not about ‘predicting’ who is going to offend, it’s about saying those with a risk of offending need to stay and serve more of their mandated sentence. Changing it to you have to earn the right to parole rather than a get out of jail free card with a cursory nod from the parole board.

Actually bringing some honesty into the system that when a judge says ‘6 years’ it gets closer to six years rather than the current 2 years and you’re off to commit some more mayhem.

  • Mark Wright
  • January 14th, 2013
  • 12:40 pm

Paranormal – why would I want to deliberately miss the point? I generally enjoy Steve’s writing and find his insights illuminating.

Note that it was Steve who said, “Pretence that they can predict which offenders will not hurt others again”. His use of “predictable”, not mine.

Frankly (sorry!) while I agree with the point as you articulate it, I think either you’ve got a far more informed view of Steve’s voewpoint than I, or it’s you that’s missing the point.
I can only respond to the point he actually made … which did not discuss, “Changing it to you have to earner the right to parole”.

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