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Supreme Court and Wilson emails – post script

  • August 8th, 2010

The emails are mysterious in one respect – it seems that much of the early discussion between Jim Farmer QC and Sir Edmund Thomas preceded a thorough understanding of the facts. Astonishingly it seems Jim Farmer may not have seen the relevant company indebtedness documentation and accounts at any time covered by the correspondence. Nor did he seem to think until very late that it could be necessary to know exactly what his client and the other eminent people involved had actually said to each other or to the court.

It is possible that Ted Thomas was unduly agitated by a premature and overheated account from Farmer. Perhaps Jim Farmer's evolving views on how he should advise his friend Alan Galbraith will be excused as a necessary retracing of steps as more of the basic information became clear. 

Nevertheless it is easy to understand Thomas'  mounting alarm and estrangement from Farmer after Farmer decides that it is not up to him (or Alan Galbraith QC or Colin Carruthers QC) to take steps to cleanse the Court even if Cheif Justice Dame Sian Elias remains indecisive.

Thomas was entitled to expect that Farmer would not have consulted him without knowing most of the relevant facts.

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