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Silent spring in my hills?

  • July 6th, 2010

If the US closes down our 1080 source I suppose we'll start getting it from China, because they'll make it if there is demand. It would be too rational for New Zealand to think of making the stuff for the world even though we reportedly use 90% of what is made. 


A season after I finally gave up on 10 years' opposition and allowed aerial application of 1080 with EPRO's deer repellent, my land had more birds and rich bush growth than I'd ever known.


I found no dead deer or cattle (though there were wild cows and calves in the area) but it did kill feral sheep (I found 14 carcasses).


Two years later there are still more birds than we had before. I've just had another TB testing round with no reactors on my place.  All my neighbours have suffered the restrictions of TB movement controls. I want to stay clear.








I say 1070 will be gone during the current NZ Nat Govt term  Stephen.
Take a bet  with me .
[ by NZ Govt Nat term, I mean PM John Key ]

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