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Secret injustice challenged

  • May 29th, 2011

Great to hear the coverage this morning on National Radio of the UK revolt against suppression orders.  Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose covered it well in Mediawatch on Chris Laidlaw's Sunday Morning programme.

Still odd that they are so cautious in their coverage of the implications for New Zealand. Cam Slater's campaign is not over. The feeble reform Simon Power initiated will not solve anything. The combination of suppression orders and privacy law have seriously eroded free speech. The current law, even if the feeble changes are made,  facilitates corruption. It will continue to increase cynicism about the integrity of judges and the legal establishment generally. 

The risk has not been ameliorated this year by the new Code that governs private investigators. It maintained restrictions (with minor relaxation) on private detective surveillance, including use of cameras, where it would be lawful for ordinary citizens. See the Hansard discussion on last year's law change for a sample of Parliamentary indifference to freedom.

Funny  they did not ask host Chris Laidlaw for comment. He has expert insights. He could help ensure there is reform some day.

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