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Scammers and the orb

  • August 11th, 2010

Receiving a Yellow Page fax scam this morning prompted me to check out Internet NZ's new orb service. It is for online crime and the NetSafe providers probably see fax scams as belonging to the steam age.

I hoped that Orb might offer a download of a simple one button click to send off a spam message to Orb. Apparently not yet.

The Yellow Page scam has agreement in the fine print to pay to a UK company $159 per month for two years, payable yearly in advance. The fine print allows for the resulting debt to be assigned. I imagine it will be assigned to some NZ company that will then set about formal enforcement proceedings, but will agree to drop the enforcement for a compromise sum.

It will be interesting to see what scumbag lawyer (if any) will work for the perpetrators of this scam. Perhaps they will use experienced debt collectors without lawyer assistance.



Thanks for the link and your comments Stephen, it's certainly early days with service and we hope to roll out a one click browser toolbar or plugin later this year like our partners at Child Alert.

NetSafe gets sent a fair few junk faxes most weeks – there certainly is a retro feel to the fax machine nowadays but we'd encourage everyone to keep an eye on the latest scam alerts at

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