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Retrial for Bain?

  • June 10th, 2007

No surprises in this evening’s TV ONE coverage. The QC showed the common court lawyer belief that costs are irrelevant when “justice” is at stake. To him it was imperative to retry Bain simply because otherwise serious offences would go unresolved. He showed no apparent recognition that the evidence has now been trawled, the battle lines are drawn.

Why would a new jury change any minds? Those convinced of Bain’s guilt will not change if a jury is persuaded now to feel that it can not be proved beyond reasonable doubt. Those who already feel the evidence did not meet that standard will be similarly unmoved by another $10m spent rummaging through stale evidence and rickety memories.

Bain has served most of his sentence. By the time he is reconvicted it will have virtually expired. The Crown is not obliged to compensate him. He has not asked for a new trial to clear his name.

This sleeping dog should be left to lie. It has been rolling in ordure. Nobody will want it near them, whatever they may think from a distance.

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