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References for the job

  • November 6th, 2008

Good job interviewers know that referees rule. I’m therefore incredibly grateful to the more than 60 Wellingtonians who offered endorsements, with their consent to give them to the job interviewers – i.e. the voting public.  They’ve earned the primary right to hold me to account as an MP.

Of course I’ve been touched by people who must be publicly neutral who’ve nevertheless gone out of their way with encouragement.

But public endorsement is humbling. Some people I’ve known for 30 years and some I’ve worked with on the campaign.  Some are young and idealistic and others have given more to Wellington in their generous and busy lifetimes than I could hope to achieve. 

The messages are here or under the button "What do Wellingtonians think of Stephen?"   These are the first five:


Stephen Franks is a wonderful Wellingtonian! He is vastly experienced commercially, but more importantly has a lovely family, is intelligent, passionate, honest and committed. Regardless of your political persuasion Wellington Central could not have a better MP to represent it in Parliament. Lloyd Morrison, businessman and arts and sports benefactor, Kelburn.


 I am confident that Stephen is the right person to represent our Wellington community.  I have always been impressed with how he takes time to listen, think and follow up to fully understand issues that need to be dealt with effectively. David Carson-Parker, arts patron and administrator, Mount Victoria.

Stephen is a straight-up guy. He won’t beat around the bush if you ask him a straight question and he will walk the talk.       He knows how to get the job done and will work hard for you. Vote Stephen Franks! Ira Vickerman, builder, Johnsonville.

  I am prepared to abandon a lifetime of being overtly apolitical, to wish Stephen well in his campaign, and express the hope that he will be elected as MP for Wellington Central. Wyn Beasley, writer and retired surgeon, Wellington

Beyond a doubt, Stephen Franks is the best candidate in Wellington Central. A deep thinker, Stephen exemplifies honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness during his previous term in parliament. Stephen has the potential to be a future minister. Sam Kwok, President of the Tung Jung Association of New Zealand, Northland.

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