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Radio New Zealand – bullshit detection again?

  • February 14th, 2014

The changes announced could restore lost breakfast habits – the DomPost, Morning Report and last night's dinner (from the microwave because I'm too late home). Here's hoping that Guyon's professional standards will rejuvenate the session.

Mary Wilson's Checkpoint will be top competition for the other strong drive time offerings, with Jim Mora to give us some light with the dark. She's been their lonely remnant custodian of the core news journalist skill, a hyper-sensitive bullshit detector. But unrelenting Checkpoint makes it too hard to arrive home in good humour.

RNZ is known as Radio Pravda to many of my generation for the ideological cant that has passed for insight at the weekends. But what sent me off to commercial radio in the mornings was its infuriating lack of penetration. Ideological preferences do not matter much to me if the journalist still has bullshit detectors that operate with some impartial reliability.


  • AngryTory
  • February 14th, 2014
  • 6:00 pm

So go back and listen to Kathryn Ryan on nine-to-noon on monday this week – with Matthew Hooten and Mike Williams.

All agreed NZ’s current policy settings are communist, and that Key is only taking the country further to the left than even Helen Clark.


I don’t know why you people do it to yourselves. I live in a world practically without any NZ bullshit, as you say. In the car drifting, we sometimes listen to a little music, but generally we just look at the trees and the birds and the rivers. And in the house in the mornings I eschew Pravda.
Now people tell me there is no Centre Right left in this Country, and that I have been dreaming nonsense.

  • Roger Strong
  • February 16th, 2014
  • 1:07 pm

I am just astounded that you think that Mary Wilson is all those things-what she really is, is rude and incapable of actually asking a straight question, making a statement and then looking for a comment is her usual style. She is very kind to the left and a simply awful journalist. One person being ‘interviewed’ by her simply said “well you know all about this-you come done and deal with it”. She is a shocker!!


When you hear an interviewer from Al Jazeera cross interject, it is because of the time differences in sound between Countries..
When you hear Mary Wilson cross interject, it is because thoroughly nasty arrogant NZR trash. Turn dial left or right, anything else is better.

  • Roger Strong
  • February 17th, 2014
  • 7:03 pm

Today’s revelations that TVNZ premises and staff have been used by the Labour Party for strategy meetings can hardly come as a surprise. It could just as easily have been RNZ – what annoys me most is that they claim to be apolitical when most of what they say and do shouts the opposite. I would mind much less if they would state their political preferences rather than claim to be apolitical when its obvious they are not.

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