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Obama’s TPP pitch to Democrat voters

  • May 13th, 2015
Here’s how Obama is trying to rescue the TPP by direct pitch to his grass roots supporters. Impressive. I can’t imagine H Clark or J Key putting their personal capital at risk like this with party members, over the heads of the party bosses and legislature representatives.

“[first name] — I want to set the record straight. Right now, we have an opportunity to set the most progressive trade agreement in our nation’s history — with enforceable labor and environmental protections we simply can’t count on other nations to pursue.

Here’s why this means so much to me: I want to make sure that any deal we reach reflects our nation’s values, in a way that hasn’t always been true in the past. That’s why I’ve said I’ll refuse to sign any agreement that doesn’t put American workers first.

But as long as 95 percent of our potential customers live outside our borders, we don’t have the option to sit back and let others set the rules. We need to take this opportunity to level the playing field — because when we’re competing on equal ground, American workers win.

If you agree it’s important for America to lead on trade, join OFA supporters by adding your name today.

I’ve staked my presidency on middle-class economics, and fought hard for policies that ensure that anyone who’s willing to work hard and play by the rules can get a fair shot.

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past six years — rebounding from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, strengthening our manufacturing sector, and growing forward-looking industries like renewable energy.

We can’t go back — and we can’t leave it to nations like China to write the rules for the global economy.

This is personal for me. I understand the skepticism about this, or any, trade deal. I’ve met folks across the country who still feel burned by agreements of the past. Those are the people I came to Washington to fight for.

That’s what this is about for me. This is our chance to do better, to get it right.

I hope you’ll agree. Over the last few months, OFA supporters across the country have stood up to ask the hard questions on this issue — to make sure the outcome is good not just for our economy, but for working families. If you want to see America lead the way to establish a truly progressive trade agreement, add your name with OFA today:

Thank you,

Barack Obama

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Perhaps, but to be fair unlike Clark or Key, he has no personal opportunity for re-election to the Presidency. He may as well spend his capital, particularly if he actually believes in this cause as much as he says.

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