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Obama’s fantastic internet machine

  • April 24th, 2008

Every day I get an email from Obama, with his take on how his campaign is going, sending the favoured lines (spin) for the day, and always asking for money.

In the days leading up to Pennsylvania he was asking me to download 10 phone numbers and a script to call with.

Here’s his disposal of yesterday’s defeat.


Votes are still being counted in Pennsylvania, but one thing is already clear.

In a state where we trailed by more than 25 points just a couple weeks ago, you helped close the gap to a slimmer margin than most thought possible.

Thanks to your support, with just 9 contests remaining, we’ve won more delegates, more votes, and twice as many contests.We hold a commanding position, but there are two crucial contests coming up — voters will head to the polls in North Carolina and Indiana in exactly two weeks. And we’re already building our organization in the other remaining states.

But it’s clear the attacks are going to continue, and we’re going to continue fighting a two-front battle against John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

I need your support right now. Please make a donation of $25:

Thank you for all that you’re doing to change our country.



  • Robin Sutherland
  • April 24th, 2008
  • 4:37 pm

Whatever happens to his presidential aspirations, this is Obama’s great legacy to democracy: He built a base of supporters who supported an ideology (his) with their own money, voluntarily and generously given. He has thus destroyed (hopefully) forever the myth propagated by lazy politicians – that corrupt funding can only be eliminated from the political landscape by giving them (the politicians) access to our tax money.

[Nice point SLF]

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