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NZ research on LED risk from the Daily Mail

  • October 21st, 2014

Why has NZ media not reported this NZ research before the UK Daily Mail revealed it under the following headline?

“Are eco-friendly bulbs BAD for the environment? LEDs attract 50% more insects and could damage ecosystems

The catchline goes ” Scientists at New Zealand-based research institute Scion claim that if more insects are attracted to street lights they will be thrown off their usual path and into the jaws of predators”.

The Smithsonian is also running it.

Do we have no reporters with the curiousity or the knowledge to see the general interest in the story? Or has Scion not drawn it to their attention? Or is there a greenish bias against running stories that shade an energy saving campaign?
Perhaps the risk will accelerate the adoption of the new switching technology, that turns street lights off until motion detectors or other sensors decide they need to go on.

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