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No Winners No Losers. No Pride.

  • May 31st, 2005

Life can be learned as a game, where winning is infinitely better than losing.

Sport is a valuable opportunity to teach the difference between playing with determination, and playing half-heartedly.

However, I believe that New Zealanders’ record of success in sport and our tradition of volunteering are threatened by red tape, the growth of victim law and the creeping paralysis of political correctness.

State indoctrinated teachers pretend that losing is as good as winning, and are trying to stamp out competition at vital ages, leaving kids bored with sport.

These kids, who are not encouraged or allowed to experience the risks and excitements of sport, will find other ways to compete.

They will seek to push the boundaries of risk, often with petty crime, drug taking or vandalism.

If we can’t reverse this attitude that winning doesn’t matter, then young New Zealanders’ future may be to ‘fetch and carry’ for more skilled and determined Asian masters.

ACT will work for a revolutionary increase in government respect for sport, by:

* Welcoming participation, but unashamedly celebrating winning.
* Getting rid of the laws that put those who coach, administer or provide sports facilities, at risk of liability.
* Cutting the red tape that frustrates volunteers, including teachers, who can first instil a love of sport.

Give your Party Vote to ACT and we will continue to oppose political correctness that is hostile to winners.

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