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Mining your political capital

  • July 20th, 2010

Why build and husband political capital if it is not applied to show you mean what you say on things that would "make the boat go faster"?

Not only stopping, but going backwards to appease the selfish green lefties is hardly likely to build capital, or even regain what was lost (if it was much). What does the government think it worth risking popularity for?

The  Coromandel-for-us-alone spokesman on Morning Report gave it all away this morning. He had no joy in any gain for the environment. It was all exultation at smashing the government's resolve.


  • overabarrel
  • July 21st, 2010
  • 3:03 pm

there was no gain for the environment. all that was achieved was to us roll back to where we were a year ago.

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Stephen – you can hardly blame the poor dyed-green-in-the-wool Coromandelite for crowing over National's huge backdown, after all the bullying, bluster and bullsh*t his corner got from Key and Brownlee.
Saying that 'greens' are not joyous about the continued protection of the environment through Key's about-face over the national parks is completely wrong – we're delighted but ever-watchful and expecting on-going attacks on the conservation estate and other sensitive environments. I've blogged this morning on the latest, so if you'll forgive my self-linking,

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