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Medical morale

  • June 13th, 2012

I'm wary of small sample surveys, but having just had some fresh exposure to the health system, I'm struck by how casual the people in that massive industry are about the magic they work daily. They just worked their magic on me. I can now look forward with gratitude to years of not sharing the fate that was normal for many as they grew old – blocked ears .

I've developed Diver's/Kayaker's/Surfer's/Swimmer's/Mountaineer's Ear. I sort of knew there was something wrong because I'd stopped enjoying diving. It took too long for my ears to clear. 

Cathy does not find as funny as everyone else the common question – why did you (at your stage of marriage) not take it as a blessing?

The problem comes from cold in the ear canal. Cold water or cold air can cause the bone, especially in men,  to start growing. It can reach the point where the remaining gap is so small that water can't get out. Amazingly there is almost no hearing difference until the gap is less than a millimetre.

But now I'm living in an era where instead of just becoming a deaf old man, I can go for a routine procedure. It is as simple as going to sleep, and waking several hours later looking (and feeling) as if an axe murderer has been practicing (a big bandage on tthe head). They bore out the bone so the canal is back to a normal size. Then there is six to twelve weeks for the skin to grow back on the bone. 

And what has this got to do with medical morale? The last time I had much prolonged to do with the health system, seven years ago, ti seemed a much more grim place. There were few who did not make grumpy and dispirited comments about their jobs, the frustrations and disappointments. To be sure I was much more recently a politician, and people do like to complain to politicians.

I got more earfuls of complaint in 2008, doorknocking. But in all my recent contacts with health professionals they've seemed very cheerful.

I think the Hon Tony Ryall's stewardship of Health has infused a (reluctantly) more bouyant spirit. He too seems to be one of the health magicians. Perhaps his powers should be tried in Education.

Or maybe I'm not reliable at anything at the moment. I'm supposed to avoid making decisions for clients (and driving heavy machinery) until the reset has finished after the anaesthetic brain wiping. That feels about now, but I'll skive off for another couple of days.



about that not hearing things Stephen,
the judge says to marriage husband defendant
" it seems to me disgraceful that you have not talked to your wife for 5 years, what possible reason can there  be"
defendant says " I didn't want to interrupt her"

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