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Maori Television tonight – terrorism, racism and citizenship

  • May 14th, 2012

I'm looking forward to Native Affairs this evening. Julian Wilcox will test the reasonableness of Tuhoe demands for apologies from the Police. I think the Police should not risk being thought to buckle to such conditions as the price of a 'normalised' relationship. It is doubtful that it is sensible to dignify with attention the purported leadership of a group so far from offering inspiring and constructive role models to its members.

I've agreed to be on his panel. I cannot complain about an establishment lack of spine in standing up for the colour-blind and even-handed rule of law, if I decline when asked to put the constitutional position.

I've generally found  Maori broadcasting to be more open-minded (though pithy) in discussing legal issues,  than MSM's PC brigade so memorably tagged by Winston Peters as 'sickly white liberals'.

Part of that is time. Maori broadcasters tend to take as long as it needs to explore a topic, so even if you're invited along to be whitey the foil, you still get enough time to put your case.



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