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Log-in rage

  • February 7th, 2011

NBR is playing hard to get, giving their pay-wall concept a tough test. They've just done some upgrade that requires us all to log-in afresh before we can get behind the pay wall.


I like what I buy. That’s why we pay for several subscriptions.

But having to log in at all is a hurdle. Having to do it again almost justifies letting the subscription lapse.

Lucky for IT people that web-crawling is so solitary. Otherwise road rage casualties would  be trivial beside the pile of IT victims of “log-in rage”, for demanding long-forgotten passwords.



You can save yourself much grief by getting <a href="">PasswordSafe. </a>
It encrypts and saves all your passwords on your hard disk. So you just need to remember ONE password and let the programme generate random passwords for everything else. 


good post dude, who cares about precious log on people, give your mother's name here, father here, genetic credentials here, promise to subscribe here, send your bank number, its good we can log on to Stephen Franks, kick arse then go, no refusals,  only one prove your aint a bot, thanks Stephen, all your posts appreciated , woops wrong code entered,  


Also you need to know Stephen that Eric is a  fundamentalist new wave economic dialectic, and though we love him down here, we just want him to tell us how to make money,  he has two little girls, but he comes from Canada, so he's a foreigner. and I'm going to write to Winston and see what he thinks, people abuse Winston Stephen but not me.

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