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Lloyd Morrison

  • February 10th, 2012

I cannot better Scoop's obituary.

What Lloyd had that is in most short supply, was courage with sensitivity.  He could demand unselfish committment from us because he lead that way. But it was not mulish or pious altruism. He had the balance to keep hold of his string of secular successes, so that in turn he retained the power and capacity to continue to lead.

I saw him learning as an adviser when Omnicorp was crashing. I benefitted from his practical support as an ACT MP.  I wish we could have repaid him with more public willingness to take risks on matters like the flag, and the Wellywood sign. How pathetic was the negative energy that went into blocking that.

I wish I could see more young totara emerging to replace those lost to Wellington recently. Perhaps they are there but they are too young for me to recognise? People like Chris Parkin, Dierdre Tarrant, Ian Cassells, Gareth and Jo Morgan,(apologies to all  if this embarrasses) we have still,  but Lloyd's death after Sir Ron Trotter and Roger Kerr leaves for me gaps in the canopy that seem far from being filled.



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