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Lets hongi for swine flu (2)

  • June 11th, 2009

I’m seeking approval to copy here a couple of smart responses through Facebook to my swine flu post yesterday,

In the meantime the Chapman Tripp HR Manager has promulgated a scary list of rules on dealing with flu suspects.

Strangely the list still omits a campaign I thought we’d see weeks ago. Nor is this obvious rule on the Ministry’s Q and A web page.

How about a consensus for the duration:

to stop shaking hands; and

not to hongi (rub noses)!

Why has this not been addressed in any official worry stuff? I’ve tried to remember for a couple of days not to stick my hand out, but it is pretty ingrained. I’ll certainly not be offended now though if my hand is ignored.

Would it be easier if instead we all took up the hongi ( we’ve adopted "Kia ora" widely ) so the whole country gets this flu over with early?

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