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LEANZ on dairy industry issues

  • September 14th, 2015

I’m looking forward to hearing Prof Keith Woodford of Lincoln University, at this evening’s Wellington LEANZ session.

The fate of Fonterra and the dairy industry remain of intense interest to me though I have not worked in that industry for some time.
It is interesting to gather all the digestible data and views offered when there is so little consensus on the level of risk facing our biggest single industry (and NZ with it).

A neighbour economist tells me the risks of a Bank mortgagee sale collapse are very low, because the NZ currency is so tied to world dairy prices, albeit with a 6 month or so lag. In other words our currency will ensure we all share the misery and dairying will remain viable for all but the most over-stretched.

I’m sure Keith Woodford’s opinions will be similarly challenging. And I owe him as a contrarian more than I do any economist. His book on A2 milk lead directly to what has been a profitable investment for my family after Cathy told me he would be worth heeding. So he deserves some loud applause, whatever I end up thinking of his views this evening.

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