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Leadership from Bill English

  • April 8th, 2011

What a tonic to hear that Bill English is not joining in the fashionable abandonment of ambition to catch up with Australia. Even better to have him see competing with Australia, even in regulation, as necessary, desirable and realistic.

I don’t know if he went on to explain how it is good for both countries. But it is enough to know that he does not share the defeatist assumption that we must ape the Aussies to be allowed to tag along.

Now for this realism to be applied to pushing through some seriously sensible competitive advantage. Start by repealing the new Financial Advisor regime.



And after we abandon the financial advisor regime, can we just join Australia as the eighth state, ad be done with it.
It won't we so bad, we lose a wishy washy NZ Nat Govt, and we get $AUD,
yes $AUD, and also of course they get us, remember as He said, every New Zealander who leaves for Australia raises the average IQ of both countries.

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