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Kiwi confidence and sense of well being – proved

  • December 21st, 2015

I’m astonished by how often I’m coming across people who started their Christmas break last Friday.
This year I’ve had a lot to do with tradies. A good number have decided their world is benign enough to take off for at least three weeks this summer, and possibly more.
Then today in various calls I find that other (even unlikely) businesses have decided similarly.
Do Treasury models anticipate a collective consensus to take more holiday (and less taxable income). Should they?
Is my sample atypical? Is this a peculiarly Wellington thing? Could it be linked to being fed up with the weather? “Lets go on holiday and summer must start”
11 January will presumably see many of them back, so perhaps the 3 or 4 days lost from a normal December may be made up at the other end. Or perhaps not.
If not, those who’ve elected for leisure not income will just get more quality of life with less of our GDP.

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