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Jim Mora’s soapbox on diabetes

  • June 7th, 2013

For the first time today I found that my fellow panelist planned to talk about the same thing as me. Dr Sapna Samant (GP) wanted to worry about the self inflicted epidemic of diabetes, and so did I.

I was wondering how academics would manage to blame responsible people for that epidemic. There is great health researcher enthusiasm for alleging huge social damage from the refusal of government to take more from the rich to give to the poor (obligation free of course). But how will they fit that to the rolling wave of fat.

Of course I do not face the daily tragedy of over-eating.  I'm surrounded by people who are growing older vigorously. Many are fitter and slimmer and look better than they did 20 years ago. They cycle and run marathons, and swim at masters games and garden and join walking groups and tramp together, or with their families.

Maybe they'll all be like controlled atmosphere apples, they'll suddenly wrinkle up and crumple. All that deferred withering, slumping puffing up with fat then shrinking will emerge suddenly. But so far, so good.

Yet all around I see evidence that they may be atypical. Diabetes, and fatness are reported at rates that look catastrophic. I see fat kids everywhere.

I've read the propaganda that ties inequality to allegedly inadequate government transfers of wealth and income.

But how will more unearned money to the badly reared and poorly educated cure shocking diets and lack of practice at deferment of gratification (in old fashioned language – self-control). If you walk out of the supermarket with coke and cakes, sugar, fat and caffeine instead of vegetables and protein, how would more free money fix that. The inequality industry folk make a lot of the allegedly unfair distribution of doctoring. How do even free doctors fix greed reinforced and cemented in by years of bad parenting?

The cartoonist Al Nisbet dared to suggest personal responsibility instead of school meals. He became the target of a great media consensus that he is awful and to be shunned and shut down if possible.

How long can we indulge the left ideologues, how many kids will be ruined, while we  wait for the "its not OK" campaign or the drunk driving ad equivalents,  targeting parents who feed fat inactive kids?

[Monday – none of the above means that I know what kind of ads would do the trick – only that in the end there may be no alternative to strengthening resolve and character, child by child. For adults perhaps it is too late for most. Cam Slater's blog refers to a sensitive piece brought to his attention by Kevin Hague]


  • Roger Strong
  • June 11th, 2013
  • 8:26 pm

I wonder if you realise that there is often an element of genetics in diabetes? I am 72 and have diabetes type 2 and I am not overweight. I am active and easily ride a cycle 20 kms and do so on a regular basis. With a good diet and taking a couple of pills a day I control my diabetes very well so my doctor says.I have been slightly overwieght in the past but not markedly so. My older brother also have type 2 diabetes. I read the articles that you refer to and like the writer I too wonder where the obesity epidemic will end. When I watch people go by at the mall it is really incredible to see how big and how young many of the people going past are.

  • paul scott
  • June 12th, 2013
  • 2:57 am

this column is stretching your knowledge Stephen, you are out of your depth on medical subjects, I suspect your knowledge of genetics is less than,well , monkey physiology, and it is typical of you to grab the ACT slogans of self infliction. You know so much and so little, retain integrity stick to law , you are out of your depth, you are old and fit big deal I am not impressed

  • George
  • October 20th, 2015
  • 12:18 am

Agree that a bland hot dog is nothing to wait in line for. A “costco dog”, no chncae. Love the flavors on this dog. I’ve eaten a version of the Brazilian hot dog here in Miami.Bravo

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