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Identifying courageous Councillors

  • April 17th, 2015

Yesterday’s blogpost noted the Dompost’s report of more Wellington Councillor vacillation on road building to avoid future bottlenecks. But the Dompost failed in the Fourth Estate’s first duty – letting us know who are our problem politicians.

This extract from Council meeting minutes of 8 April shows both the “reasoning” and the Councillor response (emphasis mine).

8 a. Notes and supports the strong community opposition to both Option C (to widen SH1 north of the Tawa junction) and Option D (to build a new link road through Takapu Valley).

Voting for: Councillors Mayor Wade-Brown, Eagle, Foster, Free, Lee, Lester, Pannett, Peck, Ritchie, Sparrow, Woolf,

Voting against: Councillors Ahipene-Mercer, Coughlan, Marsh, Young,

Majority Vote: 11:4  CARRIED.

Let us be grateful for small mercies – at least declared Mayoral challenger Nicola Young was not among those currying favour with the NIMBYs. But still worrying to see her announced running mate Paul Eagle lining up with Justin Lester as a  bob-each-way ditherer. Wellingtonians have been talking up the leadership potential of both.

They can make all the brave claims for the future they like (supporting airport extension etc), but when leadership shows funk in the face of self interested status quo pleading, at the expense of the overwhelming majority who want fast safe roads, Wellingtonians are right to feel gloom descending.

Success and vibrancy depend on decisiveness, courage and confidence in action and decision, not just words. Recording ‘Strong community opposition’ means nothing more than fear of facing down self-interest.

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