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New Zealand Herald November 24, 2008

Putting Tact Into Lobbying

The old saying about it being easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar is just as true for lobbyists as anyone else, says Mai Chen.  Read more


National Business Review August 13, 2008

Electoral Law Litigation

The operation of the Electoral Finance Act under an MMP system is likely to lead to much more action in the courts after the election than in previous elections, electoral law expert Hayden Wilson of legal firm Kensington Swan is predicting. Read more


TVOne and Agenda September 16, 2007

 Close Down Of the Serious Fraud Office

Who will catch the white collar crooks now?
RAWDON Now to our next guest this morning. The topic is exposing white collar crime, the close down of the Serious Fraud Office and the concern of whether or not the Police are up to taking over this important work. Stephen Franks is a lawyer and former ACT MP, he’s also been on the Securities Commission. Mr Franks joins me now in our Wellington studio, good morning Mr Franks. Is this a weird decision?  Read more:


Herald on Sunday 2005

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