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Harawira vs Brash on Closeup

  • May 4th, 2011

Don stuck to his guns, but how depressing that Closeup did not insist on less braying rudeness from the bully, and more testing of his fanciful claims.

Insisting on respect for the Treaty, on a colour-blind state, offered thousands of sensible questions the chair should have insisted on allowing Brash to put to Harawira. The history of the treaty and the race seats is enough to show Harawira as the racist fantacist, but Closeup did not have the strength or the preparation to impose order.

I suspect that I would have let the session run too, as Don did, in the same situation, in the hope that the debate chair would eventually insist on equal speaking rights so that we heard facts from the polite man, but the result was sadly the familiar outcome of wrestling with a pig –  mud smeared on both as people got sick of the rudeness.

But for those who could  –  Don standing up for our political inheritance of one person one vote. Harawira flowing with racist rhetoric.




Brash will be fire branded by a savage media and he knows this ,
Its going to be difficult, its good to let an idiot bully win on TV,
because the people go to the next program or be ,and they say,
why did they not  that man speak,
quiet strength,

  • GS
  • May 6th, 2011
  • 5:31 pm

Interesting, the last laws that discriminated against Maori were abolished in the 1980s if my memory serves me correctly. I don't remember Don Brash creating a great fuss about those when they were in existence.

  • Winston Sanders
  • May 9th, 2011
  • 10:36 pm

I'm not sure about that Stephen,
Hone actually looked quite composed and he did have a decent rebuttal to Don's media-ready and well polished soundbite regarding the origins of the Maori seats.
He didn't come across as the radical extremist Maori activist that the mainstream  media have made him out to be.
On another note, if Rodney had any clues; he wouldn't be suggesting that Don is a virile dude that is fathering love children with secret lovers. Voters love that and it makes Don seem young.

He should be suggesting that Don must have at least some early onset dementia by now, as evidenced by his belief that NZ can hope to catch up to Australia, and that he would have any show of holding on to Epsom.

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